Sutra Winter has been pole dancing for 6 years and teaching pole dance for 5 at Dollhouse Fitness in Encinitas, California where she received her teaching certification. Sutra is also a certified Liquid Motion instructor. She has experience as a performer and choreographer in pole, exotic, tricks, chair and twerk. She also has experience as a studio owner for Pop Up Pole San Diego. She performs and choreographs regularly for a variety of student showcases and private parties, as well as in professional theater productions and national competitions:

*Indulge Pole Show Season 2 2017

*Sinners Welcome Season 1 2017

*PSO Level 2 Exotic - 3rd Place 2017

*Burlesque Jazz Brunch 5th Anniversary Party 2018 

*USPDF Amature Womens 2019

*PSO Level 4 Exotic 2018

*Indulge Pole Show Season 5 2019

*Exotic Generation Theater 2019

*PSO After Dark Drip Tease Flow Level 4 - 3rd Place 2019

*Harvelles Long Beach American Monster Burlesque Show (December 2019)

*Moxie Lash Promo Party 2020

*PSO Freedance Level 4/5 - 3rd Place 2020

*PSO Lowflow Level 4 2020

*Pole Theater Japan Semi-pro Classique 2020

*Harvelles Long Beach American Monster Burlesque (March 2020)